Monday, 4 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay Liverpool–RECAP

So I just thought I would update you on my latest travels! To the lovely city of Liverpool!

After spending an day travelling and eating the best Pizza-Calzone hybrid known to man myself and the other mob!lers spent some time exploring Liverpool city, check out the album below, can you spot any sights that you know?


On the day the Torch came to Liverpool I spent the day along with the other Mob!lers at the Samsung Pin Store, myself and Andrew were assigned to the Galaxy Note Studio, this is where you could get  caricature drawn by a professional artist on the Galaxy Note or a picture taken with the Torch itself. Andrew and I entertained the people standing in the queue by demoing Samsung's latest hero product, the Galaxy S3. It has some amazing features such as S Beam, S voice and ‘Pop up Play’. The crowd loved it and all reactions to the phone were positive…I also provided a few demos on the Galaxy Note, people were blown away by the formula and shape recognition productivity features.

We kept everyone up to date on twitter via the hashtag #mobilersgalaxys3 , we’ll be using this at the other dates too!

I also managed to get a few videos of the Galaxy S3 in action, I’ll be uploading them soon, keep an eye out!

Finally, I made some awesome new friends, they all had Samsung devices!!!!! Open-mouthed smile


Next Olympic date is Edinburgh! 12th-14th June, see you there!!!

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