Thursday, 7 June 2012

Galaxy S3 First hands on–Liverpool Episode!

Hi all
I promised you all a video and here it is!
While i was in Liverpool last week for the Olympic Torch Relay, I did get to spend a little quality time with Samsung’s latest device, the fantastic GALAXY S3.
This is a phone jam packed full of features, most of which I couldn’t fit into the limited time I got with it on video, however as I am following the olympic torch I will be investigating and videoing the different features this amazing handset has to offer.
In this episode I will quickly be looking at the camera (8MP rear, 1.9MP frontal), how speedy it is (due to that whopping 1.4Ghz quad core processor) and a really coooooool feature known as pop up play!
Next episode will be live after I get back from Edinburgh, let me know what you want me to cover Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I can say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is really a "Smart" phone after knowing all the features of it.