Thursday, 7 June 2012



Ok guys and gals….who likes to talk…well text? Have you heard of those messenger services like BBM and WhatsApp? well Samsung have got their own and it has recently been updated! So I thought I would share the ‘Chat On’ love and bring you my latest thoughts regarding this new service!

First off it is cross platform, this sweet app doesn’t only work on Android or Samsung devices, but it’s available for iOS and Blackberry too!

It works via wifi or 3G and therefore doesn’t use up any of your text message allowance! BONUS!


In this review I will be using it on my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note! ….AWESOME DEVICE!

So here in the picture to the left is the Google play market page for the app, I always say if you want to find out about an app before installing, check out the reviews people leave! Chat on currently has 4 out of 5 stars awarded to it by it’s users!



Once you’re all set up (by entering your phone number and such …just for verification purposes) you’re ready to go!

If there are contacts that are already using Chat on in your phone, then they will appear immediately and you can start chatting up a storm together!


There are a number of emoticons that you can add to your chats to make them more exciting and not only that but you can even send a whole range of multimedia objects! (see picture below)

You can use this feature to share media quickly with large groups of people all at the same time, and everything gets stored in your personal Trunk!


Finally my favourite feature is that you can send animated messages, which I must say works great with the S-pen and the Galaxy Note! Here’s a video of it in action:

If you want to join the fun then download the latest version of Chat on here at :

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