Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay Birmingham Recap


Ok so sorry this post is a little late, i’ve been MEGA busy this week!

So last weekend the Olympic Torch Relay came to Birmingham! This time, like Leeds, there was a concert held in one of Birminghams nicest green spaces …Cannon Hill Park.

This time there was a number of different acts on and from the very outset it seemed like Birminghams teenage girl population was out in force to see The Wanted, Loicke Essien and Morning Parade perform onstage….i even heard rumours that some of them had been queuing up since 6am!


As usual the three major Olympic Sponsors were there to have a bit of fun with the public!

During the day I did some promoting for the Galaxy S3 but then I also spent a lot of time exploring the panorama feature that is found on the Galaxy s3 and Galaxy Note…myself and the other mob!lers created some really cool effects! What do you think? Smile




We haven’t been cloned really!!! hehehe!!!

Finally in between taking silly pictures and dancing around Canon Hill Park, i managed to grab a Galaxy S3 owner in the wild and gave her a quick interview. If you watch carefully you might even pick up some hints on how to create pictures like the ‘clone’ ones above!

Anyway guys and girls, that was my last torch relay post….keep your eyes peeled in future for posts from the Olympic Games and also perhaps IFA in Berlin!

Open-mouthed smile