Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2

I don’t claim to be very good with photoshop, but decided to have a little play and see what I could come up with…obviously it’s Samsung Galaxy S2 related. Not bad for a first attempt I reckon :) feel free to comment. 
sgs2 advert

Here's the explanation for my image folks!

  1. Smart - I can program all my work appointments into the phone and keep all my university lecture slides on the phone, that means I have access to knowledge anywhere...i think that counts as smart!
  2. Social - The galaxy is synced with all my social feeds so that i can arrange that last minute night out, or simply wish a friend 'happy birthday' easily! Not only that but through the mobilers program I've made so many new friends, its great!
  3. Speedy - with a dual core, the galaxy s2 is seriously fast, it suits my life in the 'fast lane' perfectly. I can run all my different applications at the same time, and never get close to slowing the phone down!