Sunday, 30 October 2011

Galaxy S2 Top 10 Tips ‘n’ Tricks!


How can you make the best of your Galaxy S2 or your android phone you say? Read on to find out!!!

1. Quick calls and texts: Once you have a contact in front of you on the screen, swipe the name left or right to make calls and texts!

2. Screenshots: Hold the home button and then hit the power button, the screenshot will then be saved to the gallery.

3. Quick brightness adjust: If you aren’t using the autobrightness feature then hit the notification bar and hold for a second, then swipe left or right to change the screen brightness. This is one of my favourite shortcuts!

4. Browser Text Wrap: As standard the browser on the S2 doesn’t automatically adjust the ‘fit’ of the text on a webpage if you zoom in. However if you go to settings and check the auto fit  pages box then it will. which is good :-)

5. Task Killer and Juice defender: Android already comes with a stock task killer but I also suggest downloading juice defender from the marketplace to squeeze every last drop of power out your battery.

6. Browser tab switching: If you wanna switch web page tabs then simply ‘pinch’ the screen and you will be taken to a screen where you can swipe between all your open webpages.

7. Home screen/App draw slider: swipe your finger over the dots at the bottom of the screen to change screens quickly

8. Test Mode: On the dialer press *#0*# to bring up a menu where you test lots of different things.

9. Video lock: Press the power button while a video is playing to lock the screen, no accidental pushes or changes of orientation will disturb you now!

10. TV remote control: If you have a samsung tv that is wifi enabled, you can use the S2 as a remote! How cool is that?! All that is needed is an app from the Samsung App Store

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